3 Reasons To Clean Those Dirty Bongs!

3 Reasons To Clean Those Dirty Bongs!

If you smoke weed from a bong, listen up! There are some crucial facts you need to keep in mind about why it is important to clean your dirty bongs regularly.

In order to gain a better understanding of what is happening inside your bong after you smoke it, imagine a dark and moist environment to which you keep adding ash and organic matter after each smoke. The water inside becomes stagnant and pungent and resembles a dark, thick brown sludge overnight

Here Are 3 Reasons Why Dirty Bongs Should Be Kept Clean

  1. Dirty Bongs Stink
    • If you place your nose over a dirty bong, you will quickly smell that “swampy” essence. This stink further complicates matters by ruining the taste of your bud.

  1. Some Scary Bacteria Can Grow Only 20 Hours After Your First Smoke
    • Imagine a 20 hour timer that begins once you smoke your newly cleaned bong, and when this timer gets to 20 hours, enough time has passed for the bacteria to multiply to the point where you have a serious chance of inhaling bacteria such as Flavobacterium (Thrives in water-holding household appliances with stagnant water reservoirs), or Aspergillus fungi (Naturally occurs on Cannabis plants, but releases mycotoxins when burnt) which cause lung disease.
    • If you want to read a more in depth study, check this link.

  1. If You Smoke From Dirty Bongs, You Introduce More Carcinogens
    • So another aspect of a dirty bong is the dark, sticky, tar-like sludge stuck all over the insides of the bong and its down-stem and head. This sludge is gross and very difficult to clean without something like Isopropyl Alcohol. Now the problem comes with what’s in that sludge.. This dirty bong sludge and bong water itself contains partially and fully burnt organic matter, which is definitely more carcinogenic than your smoke travelling through a clean head, down-stem, water and bong. This sludge on the head and upper down-stem will also burn as you burn your bud, meaning the smoke itself is also not as pure.

The Best Cleaning Method:

  1. Isopropyl Alcohol and Salt (BEST):
    • Cover any surface that needs cleaning with Isopropyl Alcohol and Hot Water at a 4:1 ratio.
      • Fill the bong with this solution above, but remove the down-stem and head.
      • Place down-stem and head into Zip-Lock bag and fill with the solution above, then seal.
    • Leave to soak for an amount of time relative to the state of the bong (dirtier bongs need longer soaking times)
    • Carefully, but vigorously shake the bong and Zip-Lock Bag filled with the cleaning solution. (Salt is abrasive, so it helps to scratch off dirtiness)

If you encounter a friend who lives their lives smoking out of beer-colored bong water or even worse if you can’t see through because of dirty buildup, help them out by dropping some facts, or send them this way to find out for themselves!

My thoughts on the matter are as follows.. If you wouldn’t drink the bong water, then it is too dirty to smoke from.

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