How to Sober Up When You’re Too High

How to Sober Up When You’re Too High

Have you ever had an experience where you were trying to impress friends so you decided to smoke a massive bong or eat a lot of cannabis edibles? Or maybe it was the first time you’re smoking dab or trying concentrated THC oil? You overestimated your cannabis tolerance and now you wish you can sober up.

It was funny at first, being so high that you can’t think straight, but now the high is tiring you out. After a few minutes, your head starts to hurt and you feel slightly nauseous. Fortunately, there are a couple of solutions that has been tried and tested that will sober you up.

When is Someone Too high?

Before we teach you on how to sober up, you must first know when you are indeed too high and if it’s necessary to take action on sobering up. Here are the symptoms of when someone is too high for it to be enjoyable:

Anxiety and panic: The person is clearly nervous, restless and in a state of panic. Hyperventilation, excessive sweating and trembling are common symptoms of being too high.

Paranoia and confusion: The person is very paranoid and has a sense of impending danger or doom. Confusion and the inability to communicate properly are clear signs of someone being too high.

Aches and nausea: The person is experiencing aches in his/her body (most common are headaches) or is nauseous. If the person is throwing up, let them sip small amounts of water every 15 minutes to restore some fluids.

6 Methods on Sobering Up

1. Calm down, try not to panic and keep yourself distracted.

If your friend is in a state of panic, try calm them down by reassuring them with comforting words and hugs. Wrapping someone in a warm blanket also calms them down as long as they are not excessively sweating.

If you’re hyperventilating, breathe into a brown paper bag or perform some breathing exercises that require you to take deep breaths.

Any recreational activity that doesn’t require you to be sober is a good way to keep yourself distracted. Funny movies and series are one of the most enjoyed activities to do while high. Other common activities to do while high include listening to music, chatting with friends, playing video games or going for a walk.

2. Take some CBD oil.

CBD is one of the best compounds to counteract anxiety. Consuming a few drops of CBD oil will reduce anxiety and paranoia caused from the overconsumption of THC. Our bodies naturally produce endocannabinoids which are compounds similar to cannabis. The endocannabinoid system in our body consists of receptors and the cannabinoids that get stuck to these receptors. When THC binds with these receptors, the THC is absorbed into our system which causes us to feel high and can cause anxiety when too much THC is absorbed. When CBD binds with the receptors, the CBD regulates the receptors and creates a calming effect.

3. Chew some black peppercorns or drink some lemon juice.

Terpene is an aromatic compound that can be found in many plants including cannabis and can affect the physiological sensations caused by cannabis. Black pepper contains the terpenes known as pinene and caryophyllene. Pinene is a strong inhibitor that dampens the effects of THC and caryophyllene is a sedative that calms you.

Lemons contain a terpene known as limonene which helps reduce anxiety so drinking a highly concentrated lemon juice or sucking on lemons will help reduce the high.

4. Eat a meal and drink water

Cottonmouth is when your mouth is dry from consuming weed. It’s a misconception that cottonmouth is only caused when smoking weed but the truth is that weed edibles can also cause cotton mouth. Cottonmouth can cause stress and panic so make sure you’re drinking water or any non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated drink. Eating will help distract you and your body will have to spend energy on digesting food which will lower your energy levels.

5. Take a shower or bath

We all know how relaxing a shower or bath is so this solution is a no-brainer. The soothing water will calm your nerves and help relax you.

6. Go outside and relax somewhere peaceful

Getting too high inside a room can cause you to be claustrophobic so going outside and lying down on the grass is a good idea as long as it isn’t noisy. Being one

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