Silver Lining


Silver Lining offers you healthy, natural, and safe alternatives. We believe in the healing power of nature, that every aspect of an ecosystem is connected and that we are an innate part of this system. Natural is always better than chemical. We believe there is a better way to live and we believe that with the right knowledge, we can empower ourselves and teach others what we have learned so that they can make their own informed choices. Join us on our silent revolution and heal yourself the natural way. Get back to nature and find your Silver Lining.

Lion Tree LED Lights


As LED grow lights supplier, we have been hard at work, developing our range of LED grow lights, built in South Africa. LION TREE LED grow lights, deliver optimal spectral coverage, making sure to cater for all stages of a plant’s growth. Lion Tree is based in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN) South Africa. We at LION TREE, have manufactured, a good quality, well built, well designed, electrically sound and safe product. All our grow lights are tested for safety and compliance. With our local climate, of high humidity, we designed a water and humidity proof (IP 65 K10) grow light. Offering a variety of colors from 3000k to 5500K, we can customize the color spectrum to suit your grow, couple this with the ability to dim the light from 0-100% and you have a powerful and versatile product.

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SKYF.CO is here to provide you with a wide range of quality news articles and stories covering the most poignant and interesting content in the Social Cannaculture Landscape. We pride ourselves on combining first-rate reporting with our special editorial touch and commitment to fair coverage. We like to think of ourselves as the signal standing out from the noise of the rest of the media landscape.
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“Three years ago, I suffered a life-altering injury to my neck in a pool diving accident, leaving me paralyzed from the chest down – a quadriplegic. I’m sure you can imagine the many implications of such an event, both physical and psychological.” Until just a few months ago I had been on chronic medication for nearly two and a half years, when I discovered the miracle that is CBD oil. I had my reservations at first, but since trying CBD oil I can honestly say that for me, there is no medication that has matched it. I went from being depressed and sickly with the added side effect of short-term memory loss, to managing my pain with CBD oil and I’ll never look back. I knew that I wasn’t alone in my suffering and desire for a product that treats my body and mind better than mainstream pharmaceuticals. This led me to create the Silver Leaf CBD brand and make the benefits of CBD more accessible to South Africans. I do hope that you will find a good fit for your needs in our line of carefully selected products. Wishing you health and a comfortable, prosperous life.